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Family owned and operated, our “customers” are more like family than “clients”.
Plano Air Conditioning and Heating, the brand, was started well over 40 years ago.

Many families have owned and operated Plano Air Conditioning, so when a big consolidator purchased Plano Air, a longtime staff member could not bear the thought of the company going “corporate”.

Ron Durham, a longtime member of the Plano Air family, started his career in 1986 as a install helper. Working hard to provide for his own family, Ron dedicated himself to providing the best service possible in order continue the service he believed everyone deserved when calling the company. Eventually, Ron was moved into service and based on his knowledge as well as love for customers, was moved into the design department.

In 1998, destiny came knocking when a consolidator bought out Plano Air & quickly they realized that the corporate idea of “customer service” did not match their own. Ron & longtime accountant of Plano Air, Don Harris, decided to try it on their own – they took over the legacy of Plano Air Conditioning and Heating.

Looking for staff, they asked Ron’s daughter Elizabeth to help out with scheduling and handling the dispatch duties. If she worked for them for a year, free, she would receive ownership in the company – she agreed & Plano Air Conditioning & Heating was once again reborn as a family enterprise.

14 years later, the original trio of Plano Air Conditioning and Heating is going strong. Don is handling the accounting duties, Elizabeth is involved in regular customer service as well as marketing, & Ron oversees the day to day operations of the company.

Plano Air Conditioning and Heating is the definition of “small business” with the true moral convictions you cannot find in other companies. It isn’t about money for this trio – it is about providing good, honest, service for the best price possible.

Our offices are located off Legacy & Avenue K in Plano TX! If you are familiar with the Cinemark at Legacy, we are across 75 from the movie theatre. The office location is open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

Contact us today for information on all our services – we look forward to hearing from you!